About us

The XIV Foundation (XIV) is dedicated to the principle that equal treatment is the essence of civil rights and that all people are entitled to civil rights. Named after the 14th Amendment, XIV aims to teach the necessity of fair and equal treatment by telling the untold, personal stories of those harmed by discriminatory policies.

For decades, politicians and activists have advanced a destructive narrative on race that permeates all aspects of our politics and culture. This narrative insists that society cannot be equal unless certain minorities are given preferential treatment because of their race.

The XIV Foundation is ready to challenge this orthodoxy and change the landscape of the debate.

Facilitating training and fostering open and honest discussion will be important parts of XIV’s mission, but our primary goal is to move people to question the way they have been taught to think about race and the nature of equality. XIV will do this by telling the untold stories of those who are harmed by race-based policies, in turn making the moral case for equal treatment under the law.

Our Founder Jennifer Gratz




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