Poll: Race Relations Worse Under Obama

┬áBoth Black and White Americans say race relations have deteriorated during President Obama’s administration, according to a Bloomberg Politics Poll released this week.


Poll participants were asked, “Do you think race relations have gotten better, gotten worse, or stayed about the same under the first black president?“. Only 15% of Black respondents and 7% of White respondents thought Obama’s presidency improved relations compared to 45% and 53%, respectively, who said race relations have become worse.


America has made great progress toward racial equality over the decades, but the lack of public enthusiasm regarding Obama’s contribution to that progress should come as no surprise. Obama the candidate promised “one America” and progress toward a “post-racial America”. Obama the President delivers the exact opposite: race quotas in everything from federal contracting to health care – even demands for race quotas in school discipline policies.


Americans have different ideas on a myriad of issues with racial overtones, from Ferguson, MO to New York and beyond, but almost all Americans have the same goal: equal treatment for every citizen under the law. The best way to achieve that goal is to live it – and not undermine it with affirmative action race quotas and preferences.


- Jennifer Gratz