Acting Diverse

Left-leaning groups claiming to represent minorities frequently demand increased “diversity” in Hollywood, insisting that movies and television portray a higher percentage of specific types of ethnic characters. But when producers acquiesce, the diversity police then complain that minority actors are treated like racial and gender tokens.


This week, one Hollywood insider wrote in Salon about his behind-the-scenes observations on how the entertainment industry makes a superficial show of diversity for the cameras, just to satisfy the critics. Strangely, he call for more superficial quotas to fix the issue.


The “diversity” movement is so set on quotas and preferences as the answer to perceived racial disparities that its advocates fail to recognize how their “solutions” exasperate the problem and hurt real people in the process.


No one should have to live with the thought that they might have been hired or promoted just to fill a diversity quota. Unfortunately, this is what happens when companies and industries are pressured to make superficial diversity displays.

- Jennifer Gratz