Eric Holder: A Legacy of Racial Politics

On Thursday Eric Holder announced he will be stepping down as Attorney General. Sadly, Mr. Holder used his time leading the Department of Justice to champion identity politics, racial preferences, quotas, and discrimination. Here are a few highlights from his tenure:


- Pressured K-12 school administrators to use race quotas in student disciplinary action to ensure punishments are distributed proportionately to each racial and ethnic group.


- Filed a lawsuit against the Pennsylvania State Police, alleging that having the same job standards for all applicants equates to discrimination if those standards don’t produce politically correct racial and gender statistics.


- Contributed to the politicization of the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown shooting controversies by stirring up resentment and using civil rights investigations to pressure public officials to undermine due process.


- Urged colleges and universities to ignore the Supreme Court’s clear direction on race-based affirmative action in the wake of the Fisher v. University of Texas decision.


- Tried to block a school voucher program in Louisiana designed to help families escape from underperforming schools, arguing that allowing families to choose better schools would create a racial imbalance in public education.


In 2009 Attorney General Eric Holder accused Americans of being a “nation of cowards” when it comes to issues involving race and equality. Sadly, it is because of people like him, who peddle identity politics and racial resentment, that so many people are afraid to stand up for true equality.


I hope the next attorney general has a higher regard for equal treatment under the law for every individual.


- Jennifer Gratz