Focus on What Unites Us

This week the Daily Beast published a fantastic op-ed by author and political strategist Ron Christie, titled “There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Black America.’” It addresses how we as a country can move beyond racial division.Allow me to highlight the final paragraph here:


“We will continue to make strides forward in the United States on matters of race by focusing on what brings us together rather than what divides us. So it’s time to reject the notion of the existence of a Black America or White America. There’s one America, and it functions best as a melting pot. Likewise, it’s time to extinguish the flames of racial animosity by turning away figures like Sharpton and Jackson, who claim to speak for every black American and profit from the idea that we are two countries divided by race. Instead, let’s start listening to people who want to bring us together, and try to speak for all of us.”


Focus on what unites us. Reject divisive racial paradigms. Stop listening to those who profit from fomenting racial animosity. These are crucial components of moving toward a truly colorblind society.


Do you agree?


- Jennifer Gratz