Discrimination for Asian Americans

When does achieving a perfect ACT score and scoring in the top 1% in the nation not get you admitted to a top university? When you are an American of Asian descent.


Last month a young Chinese-American student, Michael Wang, wrote an op-ed giving his personal account of how race-based college admissions policies harmed his educational outlook. Read the whole column here. He provides a sobering look at the real impact of these policies:


“Applying to college is an anxiety-filled rite-of-passage for students and parents alike. For Asian-American families, however, the anxiety is mixed with dread. They know that their race will be used against them in admissions, and there is nothing they can do but over prepare…


“A 2009 study found that Asian-Americans were admitted at the lowest rate of any racial group. For Asian-American applicants to have an equal chance of getting into an elite private college, we had to score 140 points higher than whites on the SATs, 270 points higher than Latinos and 310 points higher than blacks.”


Though Michael scored a perfect 36 on the ACT and a 2230 (out of 2400) on the SAT, he was denied admission by Yale, Princeton, and Stanford — all private universities that continue to use racial preferences in order to boost “diversity” on campus.


Though these policies are supposedly designed to help minorities, Michael is keenly aware that checking “Asian-American” on an application means he will be held to a much higher standard than other applicants. Racial preferences may mean extra points for black, Hispanic, and Native American applicants, but Asian applicants face the other side of the diversity coin.


This is discrimination, plain and simple. It undermines the value of hard work and achievement, it reduces diversity to a skin color, and it teaches young people that it is okay to treat people differently because of their race.


- Jennifer Gratz



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