Republicans Pushing Racial Quotas?

Several Republican senators have introduced a resolution to encouragecorporate America to adopt racial quotas (aka discrimination) when interviewing candidates for upper management positions. Center for Equal Opportunity President Roger Clegg and attorney Hans von Spakovsky called attention to this disturbing move earlier this month in National Review.


The resolution calls for businesses to institute a version of the NFL’s “Rooney Rule,” where hiring managers must meet a quota of interviewing at least one minority individual for every position. Sadly, this appears to be a way to appease Jesse Jackson’s new calls for “diversity” in the tech industry.


Backers of the resolution insist it is not a racial quota, but rather merely a good-natured attempt to expand opportunity and increase diversity in the workforce. These are the same reason used to justify racial preferences in college admissions.


Using feel-good terms doesn’t mitigate the fact that such policies are grounded in identity politics and fundamentally discriminatory. Consider this: Republicans in the Senate want businesses to make interviewing decisions based on a person’s skin color. I expect this from the left, but it is distressing to see this coming from politicians who champion liberty and personal responsibility.


It is in the best interest of companies, and the country as a whole, to hire and promote the best qualified individuals. Pushing companies to use discriminatory policies to promote the noble cause of diversity is a step in the wrong direction.


Every applicant deserves the respect of being treated as a unique individual, not as a means of fulfilling a quota.


- Jennifer Gratz