Race Quotas at the World Cup?

Have you been watching the World Cup this month? It’s been thrilling to see the US Men’s National Team advance to the elimination round.


But imagine if the US chose its players based on race and skin color instead of skill and ability. Would we praise the team for fostering diversity? Would we laud the efforts to boost traditionally disadvantaged groups? Would we excuse the results knowing that at least team selection was driven by “good intentions”? Would we demand that goals be worth more or less points based on the scorer’s skin tone?


Of course not. In competitive sports we recognize that team choices should be based on the skill and qualities of individuals, not the ability to satisfy an ethnic quota. This is beneficial to the performance of the team as well as to the competing individuals who are driven to improve themselves to make the cut.


Why is it any better when race-based decisions are made in competitive college admissions and employment? These policies diminish the quality of institutions by undermining individual character, merit, and achievement.


It’s long past time to end these discriminatory and harmful policies.


- Jennifer Gratz